Who we are, what we think


How we see our ideal world.

In the age of ubiquitous beauty, aesthetics have changed, defining a new paradigm, where superficial looks are surpassed by personal style and strong personality, where facts-based credibility is winning over online babble and ego-trips and where real action speaks louder than virtual words.

A world in which people are as eclectic, original, surprising and prismatic as their jewels by Bonato, a brand determined to change the rules of its market, pursuing an open-minded philosophy, valuing creativity and responsibility in each of its actions.


What we stand for, what we are here for.

We’re here to change the present, “starting with the person in the mirror”, being proudly not-ordinary and creating value in the world with our jewels and our social credibility. Because beauty lies in facts, not only in representation. Our jewels marry Italian creativity and know-how with a cosmopolitan inclination, eschewing stereotypes and bringing forward positive values, mixing cultures, ideas, vibes.
We strive to be exclusive by being inclusive.


Where we want to go. Who we aim to become

We want to become a new benchmark in the jewelry market by being proudly different, nonconformist and open-minded. We want to produce ever-contemporary jewels for present and future people, mixing passion, creativity and attention to detail in everything we do, transforming silver into works of art.


Our path through time

MILAN: where the brand was born and developed until 2009.
ROME: the capital of art where our creative team still develop ideas.
VENICE: a strong partnership with the art world in the Biennale.
VANITY FAIR ITALIA ADVERTISING: high media visibility.
Principality of Monaco: the grand opening of the new Bonato headquarters in Monaco. With this move, BONATO Milano 1960 opens itself to new international markets.
Los Angeles: sponsorship at the 10th Annual “Cinema Italian Style”awards ceremony in L.A.
BASEL: participation at Baselworld.
Principality of Monaco: participation at Amber Lounge and VIP relations.
Cannes: participation at the Cannes Film Festival and VIP relations.
LOS ANGELES: sponsorship for a climate change charity event in UCLA.
Principality of Monaco: participation at a charity auction during Monaco’s Charity Film Festival.
Principality of Monaco: sponsorship at the “Partita del Cuore” charity football match.
MILAN: in the Fuorisalone fashion event, partnership with stylist Gianni Tolentino and Address design.
MILAN:creation of our new identity and our new Silver, Ceramic and Diamond collection.
MEXICO: new Collection Launch.