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"Campioni&Canzoni" (Songs and Champions) event

On November 28, 2019, Bonato Milano 1960 was one of the proud sponsors who was honoured to take part in the unique and original "Songs and Champions" event, featuring former Italian sports champions and Olympic medalists, who lent their voices and celebrity to charity. It took place at the Ariston Theater in Sanremo, one of the most famous and coveted stages in the musical world. There was a sense of real camaraderie and courage, as these non- professional singers competed with each other, giving it their all and singing from the bottoms of their hearts, united by a worthy cause, to help raise funds for the following organizations: the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at the St. Anna Hospital in Turin, the Arcobaleno Hospital in Bergamo, the ABEO Onlus in Verona and the HSOS Sacco Hospital in Milan.  The event was conceived by Bruno Zanoni (a former professional cyclist) and the first edition successfully premiered, in 2018, in Andora.  We were excited to unite with like-minded people who share our vision to try to do good, and our common goal to raise money for the above charitable causes was achieved that evening!  The organizers and representatives of the humanitarian associations in question, announced with great satisfaction that thanks to the large audience participation, they were finally able to complete important projects, such as, setting up an operating room, in Armenia, with all the necessary equipment.
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