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"Les Anges Gardiens de Monaco Association" Charity Gala

Bonato Milano 1960 proudly participated as a sponsor at " Les Anges Gardiens de Monaco Association" Charity Gala  on November 15, 2019. We were honoured to assist this worthy organization, that feeds the homeless, as we share the same  common values and principles: the will to do good, by trying to gently make the world a better place, through  positive actons and small acts of kindness. Currently performed on a corporate level, as well as, by their Andy's Angels Ambassadors. Who were carefully handpicked for their integrity, and willingness to  make a difference, step by step, day by day, jewel by jewel.
 In addition to their existing volunteer base, "Les Anges Gardiens de Monaco" can now also count on a new community of young people, from all over the world, ready to support and join them in their future charitable actions, while helping them to achieve greater exposure to help their cause.